Harnessing Your Tribal Knowledge
Creating a more productive organization through systematic knowledge capture and dissemination

Searchable Enterprise Video

Searchable enterprise video from Altus combines digitally recorded video with synchronized slides and scrolling transcripts, enabling users to see and hear the content being presented. Altus' end-to-end video management software enables users to capture, share and search rich media content down to the spoken word. With Altus vSearch, content is accessible on-demand where it can be instantly located and reused.

Altus vSearch

Altus vSearch™ transforms enterprise video into a valuable asset for any organization. Altus vSearch combines enterprise video search with PowerPoint synchronization and scrolling transcripts into an accessible and searchable video archive. Using video from any source–from Flip video cameras to web conferencing applications–vSearch turns previously inaccessible video into searchable data.

vSearch combines digitally recorded video, synchronized slides and scrolling transcripts to give users anytime, on-demand access to content.  Altus vSearch transforms every word spoken, on a slide or in the notes into a searchable presentation. Using familiar search functionality, users can find just the knowledge they need-at the presentation, topic or sentence level, eliminating time lost looking for knowledge.

Capture and Share Corporate Content

Altus vSearch Searchable Enterprise Video Diagram

The vast majority of corporate content is conveyed verbally-in meetings, web conferences or on conference calls. By synchronizing PowerPoint with scrolling transcripts, your streaming video and slides are as searchable and accessible as any text document. With vSearch, organizations have unparalleled on-demand access to corporate knowledge.

Search for Exactly What you Need

By IDC's estimates, organizations spend 20% of their payroll looking for knowledge. And 50% of the time, they don't find what they are looking for. Altus vSearch is the first applications to provide on-demand access and streaming video search to the enterprise, dramatically reducing the time users spend looking for knowledge.


Whether your device is a computer or mobile device, Altus vSearch delivers the content you need. Watch any video on-demand, download as mp3 audio, mp4 video or PowerPoint with embedded transcripts. Use RSS to automatically receive updates as they are posted or updated. PowerPoint slides with embedded transcripts eliminate the guesswork when presenting since the speaker's exact words are in the notes section for every slide. Full text video search, combined with synchronized slides and scrolling transcripts is the only way for organizations to make every presentation a searchable presentation.

On Demand Access

With Altus vSearch, presentations become a valuable and reusable on-demand asset. Users need only to search for the snippet of information they want and view on-demand or download the audio, video, or PowerPoint with embedded transcript that meets their current interest.

Altus vSearch provides a complete solution for corporate knowledge sharing and on-demand access down to the point of interest. To see a demo of Altus vSearch, visit our resource center or contact Altus at sales@altuscorp.com for more information.