Solutions for Marketing.  Align customers, partners and sales with clear, consistent messaging across all channels.

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In this white paper, you'll learn 5 easy steps to a more productive, informed organization and how Oracle and NetApp leverage Altus vSearch for sales training and events.

Marketing Enablement Solutions

Marketing organizations are constantly challenged with creating and building brand identity while simultaneously creating demand, educating, and engaging direct and channel sales. For organizations to be effective in the market, sales and marketing need to be aligned.  Marketing Enablement technology helps marketing to deliver a consistent message to the marketplace and create relevant dialogs. 

How Marketing Enablement helps?

Marketing Solutions Diagram

Customer facing organizations have any number of targeted business objectives that leverage a product’s value in the market. Each of these objectives is an opportunity to not only deliver a consistent message but also to capture valuable knowledge from the audiences, creating a closed loop of knowledge capture and dissemination.

Additionally, content from user and channel conferences can and should be an ideal training tool for the sales organization. The verbal content (valuable spoken word) from these events can be captured using video or web conferencing tools, centrally managed then delivered across the organization, saving time and resources and ensuring consistent highly leverable knowledge transfer through effective media management, search, and delivery.

Moreover, customer, Sales, or partner events are often thought of as over when the last customer or sales person leaves the building or the exhibit floor. Capturing the content via video and audio presents marketing with an opportunity to extend the event by serving up valuable content that users will absolutely need in the weeks or months after the event is over. By providing them the means to revisit content on products and services, marketers have the opportunity to mine user data to get qualified leads based on real interest levels.

Thus, with marketing enablement the marketing and sales teams can ensure that the message goes everywhere and that it reaches everyone in quick time.

Role of Altus in Marketing Enablement

Altus experience marketing solutions captures and delivers the knowledge and tools for marketing. Altus with its technology enabled marketing solutions, delivers on the promises of experience marketing by creating a collaborative knowledge-sharing environment where all the information of the organization is being captured and makes it readily accessible to sales in a highly reusable, digestible format. Altus’ technology enabled marketing solutions help to enable marketing in the following ways:

  • Leverage meaningful SME knowledge across sales, marketing and customer events
  • On demand  post event content gauges  unobtrusive prospect and customer interest
  • Roll out product introductions and updates in hours
  • Mine user data to determine interest and drive qualified leads, demand gen and significantly clarify SEO
  • Ensure consistent delivery across all customer touch points
  • Enhance social media and pull marketing strategies to deliver the ”core message”

Altus works with Fortune 500 organizations like IBM, Oracle, Raytheon, and others to increase revenue and lower overall sales costs. To learn more about sales enablement and increasing sales productivity, visit our demo page or contact Altus at for more information.